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How much should you pay for a housekeeping company in Plano?

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How much should you pay for a housekeeping company in Plano?

One Time Cleanings vs Regular Ongoing Housekeeping Prices

Are you shopping around for a housekeeping company in Plano? Tired of cleaning your home yourself? We get it! 

As a housekeeping company in Plano ourselves, we are also always keeping an eye on pricing. Both for our own customers and of course what the competition is charging.

Over the years, we’ve come to realize that with the tremendous number of housekeeping companies in Plano, it can get a bit confusing and perhaps even overwhelming if you are trying to figure out how much you should be paying and what you should be getting.

Plano Housekeeping Prices


Property Size (sf)One Time Deep CleanMove In/Move Out CleanRegular, Ongoing Clean (Bi-Weekly)
1,000$200 – $300$225 – $325$115
2,000$250 – $350$275 – $375$150
3,000$350 – $450$375 – $475$170
4,000$450 – $550$475 – $575$200

How much does a one time deep clean cost in Plano? 

If you are looking for a one time deep clean in Plano, you can expect to pay anywhere from $200 to $300 if your property is right around 1,000 square feet.

Smaller properties will pay less, but most housekeeping companies in Plano will generally have a minimum amount to service a home somewhere around $150.

Most if not all companies should include basic areas such as the floor, counter top, baseboards and exterior of the cabinets. Most if not all areas of the home should be included in the cleaning, so figure bedrooms, bathrooms, the kitchen, and all living and common areas. 

Some companies allow you to select what areas of the home you would like to have cleaned while others simply quote the entire home for cleaning.

The difference in prices comes down to the details. Namely

  • How many people will be cleaning the home
  • What other items might be included such as the interior of the refrigerator or the oven
  • Weather or not the windows be included in the cleaning
  • Weather or not the baseboards and blinds will be included in the cleaning
  • If laundry service is being offered

Note: Most one time deep cleanings do not automatically include the windows. Oven cleaning and refrigerator cleanings are usually add-ons and generally run from $50 – $70 per appliance.

How much does a move in or move out cleaning cost in Plano

Generally the price of a move in or move out cleaning in Plano doesnt vary much from a one time deep cleaning. There are several reasons for this.

Surprisingly, a move in or move out cleaning will generally entail a bit more than a one time deep cleaning. Specifically, the move in or move out clean should always include cleaning inside the cabinets and drawers as well as cleaning inside any appliances such as the refrigerator and/or oven.

In addition to the items just mentioned, the cleaning should entail everything previously mentioned in a one time deep cleaning.

The reason the prices are similar is because the assumption is that the property being cleaned is completely empty. IE no furniture and no construction debris.

Note: House cleaning prices will vary significantly based on the condition of the home. All of the prices mentioned above and in this article are referring to homes in a “Average” dirty state. IE dusty and dirty, but not post-remodel and not completely abandoned or never-cleaned.


How much does a standard, regular ongoing cleaning cost in Plano?

Usually prices for standard, regular ongoing cleanings in Plano are significantly lower than the initial deep cleaning. Most companies will require a deep cleaning prior to initiating service on an ongoing basis. And the idea is that after that initial clean, the property will take less time to maintain.

Some companies offer a reduced service on the regular ongoing housekeeping and allow their customers to choose areas of focus, which usually rotate. Others such as ours offer the same clean for regular ongoing cleaning as they do for the initial clean. In that case, the cleaning would include blinds, baseboards, ceiling fans and all of those other hard to reach or hard to clean areas that a homeowner might not be keeping up with.

Note: Add-ons are also available for regular ongoing cleanings. These include the cleaning of the interior windows, as well as a cleaning of the interior of the fridge and/or oven. There are a few housekeeping companies in Plano that offer cleanings on exterior areas of the home, including pressure washing and exterior windows. Dallas Sunrise Maids does not. 


Which Housekeeping companies are the cheapest in Plano?

Generally the price of any type of housekeeping will depend on what is included and how many people will be cleaning the home.

Some companies offer the same housekeeping person or team for every visit. This may be priced as a “premium” since the cost for the company may be higher.

Other factors that may affect pricing are the number of people cleaning.

Some cleaning companies in Plano are sole proprietors meaning one person companies. These companies are often more affordable than a large franchise because their operating costs could be significantly lower.

Still not sure how much you should be paying for a housekeeping company in Plano? Check out these articles about how to select a housekeeping company in Plano as well as what we believe are the best house cleaning companies in Plano.

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